Youth & Children

Challenge 1

Lockdown is difficult for all of us, but there are still so many things to be grateful to God for. We asked our CBBC children to take part in the loo roll challenge: to take a strip of 5 pieces of loo roll and to lay on it 10 things from around the house or garden that they are really grateful for. Here’s the challenge – they must all fit on. Here are their results!


Why not try the loo roll challenge yourself and send us the photos on facebook!

Challenge 2 follows shortly!

What do when do when it's not lockdown?

We meet weekly during the church service (usually after praise and worship), leaving the adults to listen to the message while we get closer to God in our own way: through stories, DVDs, role plays, games, crafts, ‘prayer and share’, challenges, and the occasional party!

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