What do we believe?


Our Vision is 'to be disciples who make disciples'.

A disciple is someone who tries to be like a wise teacher in the way they live, behave and love - for Christians, our teacher is Jesus. We are His disciples.

We want to be just like Jesus and help other people to discover how incredible it is to follow Him.


We think that we can be more like Jesus by doing these 3 things:

1. Loving God

2. Loving People

3. Loving Life

What is a Baptist Church?

We are a Baptist Church which means -

We baptize (submerge in water) people who make a decision to follow Jesus when they are at an age to decide for themselves. Find out more about Baptism HERE.

We are part of a family of Baptist churches (the Baptist Union of Great Britain), but this is a support structure. The responsibility for governance and decision-making lies with our own church.

We believe it is the role of every person in our church family to listen to God's guidance and make decisions together, based on what He says. Our leaders are there to facilitate and guide this process.

Our strapline for 2021 is:

Get Connected - Filling Up, Moving Out

Luke 17:5 says: The Apostles said to the Lord: 'show us how to increase our faith'.

This is our prayer too - we're asking God to increase our trust in Him so that we can be 'Apostles'. What is an Apostle? The word simply means 'One who is sent out'.

Check out the short film below about our strategy for achieving this vision:


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