About Us

We meet each Sunday at 10.40 am for praise, worship and preaching.

We also have other regular meetings during the week please view the calendar and Life Groups for details.

Children leave for their own teaching part way through the service (further details.)

We are, first and foremost, followers of Jesus who have a personal relationship with Him and seek to live out our lives in LOVE and SERVICE to Him and to our community.

LOVE is key to how we as church need to relate not only to each other but also to the people in our community.

We take the Bible very seriously, believing that in it there is everything necessary to help us to make the most of the lives God has given us.

We are contemporary in style and expect demonstrations of the Spirit's power to accompany the preaching of the word. We disciple through a life groups and training programmes. The people are the church, not the building.

We are a Baptist Church which means -

  • We baptise by immersion those who make a decision to follow Jesus when they are at an age to decide for themselves.

  • We are self-governing, being attached to other Baptist churches by relationship not by structure. We see ourselves as part of the Church in Doncaster made up of all denominations.

  • Authority lies with the whole church membership, not with any hierachy. We make decisions together.
Visit the Baptist Union.

Our strapline for 2018 is:

We feel that this year God is calling us both as a church and as indiviuals to -

  • be devoted to prayer - for prayer to be part of our normal daily routine, acitvley seeking God and spending time in His presence.

  • be alert and recognise the ways in which He is working and be ready to listen and respond.

  • be thankful for all that God is doing in our lives and within the community. To be thankful for all the blessings we have yet to come in His perfect timing!

Bentley Baptist Church, Askern Road, Bentley, Doncaster DN5 0EW